Advice to my 14-Year-Old Self

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Michael Done at 14A dear friend invited me recently to share what I’d say if I could go back and give some advice to my 14-year-old self. I thought about it for a while, then realised that the advice I would offer my 14-year-old back then is the same advice I offer myself now, fifty years later …

I know you don’t fit easily into this world. The truth, my love, is that most of us don’t fit. But most of us surrender to the world and turn ourselves into people who do fit. And then we no longer fit into ourselves. And as we grow older this makes us miserable – even insane.

Therefore don’t change a thing. Don’t try to fit. For a while this will be a lonely journey, so stay close to that handful of odd, precious people who know and love you and who appreciate what it costs on the inside for you to stay true to yourself.

Believe me, your faithfulness will blossom into the most rich and satisfying life. And one day a strong, beautiful, one-of-a-kind you will emerge.  On that day you’ll realise that you were never going to fit easily into this world, just as you’ll realise that fitting in was never the point.

Earlier comments:
Mark W:  Yes, I’m saying it to myself now!
MD: Bless you m8. You are definitely one of those odd, precious ones in my life. Thanks!

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