Doorways into the Present

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DoorwaysHere’s a little collection of things I do that help sustain my happiness. They offer me doorways into the present – generally a very good place to be. They’re not rules, they’re guidelines. It can take some discernment to apply them properly. They’re not fancy but they make a big difference to me. I hope they can make a difference to you too.

  1. Pay attention to what you’re doing, and to nothing else.
  2. Don’t ever hold anything in your hand that isn’t directly related to what you’re doing this moment.
  3. Stop whatever you’re doing whenever you talk to someone.
  4. Complete what you start before you start anything else.
  5. Have a place for everything and put things back there as soon as you’ve finished with them.
  6. Don’t ever tell a lie – not even a tiny one.
  7. Never do anything that contradicts your basic sense of what’s good, right and true.
  8. Do what you love. If you can’t do what you love, then cultivate love for what you do.
  9. Minimise your choices.

There’s lots I could say about each of these, but I’d rather hear your thoughts. So please leave a comment below.

Thanks … Michael 🙂

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