Life Manifesto

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Life Manifesto - Michael Done“At peace with myself and in deep friendship with my own soul
I step back into the world,
my heart humbly yet keenly receptive
to the beauty, mystery and fullness of life.”

“I happily entrust myself
to my ever-faithful companions and guides:
desire, imagination and compassion,
reason, mindfulness and humour.”

“I gently but firmly assert my sincere intention
to live every remaining day of my life
out of the depth and strength
of my intelligence, integrity and heart.”

“I enthusiastically open myself
to the magic of relationship and communion,
intimate, invigorating and liberating,
soulful, sensual and sexual.”

“And I grant myself the unbounded permission
to live a joyous, expressive and generous life,
inspired and sustained by wonder, by love,
and by the sheer buzz of being.”

I wrote Life Manifesto, to my own absolute surprise, at the end of one of the worst days of my life.  It has inspired and sustained me ever since.  Perhaps sometimes it’s when we’re at our most wretched and gutted that the thick mist disperses and we see clearly how we really want to live and who we really want to be.
Grateful acknowledgement to photographer H. Koppdelaney for the exquisite image The Open Gate – “No here, no there, just the Path of Transformation”.
The image is used under a Creative Commons license.  It has been cropped and slightly edited under the terms of that agreement for use in this post.

Earlier comments:
Lucy: So full of grace, Michael. Like you. Thanks for sharing it again on FB and for the reminder. Shine on.

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