Prayer to Self

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Prayer to Self - a poem by Michael DoneCome, beloved one, let us speak tenderly with one another.
Sit up close to me where you can hear me breathing.
See, I am vulnerable and undefended too.
Like you, I have no protection from the pains and fears of being alive and being me.

Let us make a beautiful, lasting peace together.
Let us end this tug-of-war, this endless battle of wills which both of us will inevitably lose.
Let us agree never to trample or harm each other again in any way.

Let us forgive every trespass, every mistake, every betrayal and abandonment,
every unfair expectation, every ignorant presumption,
every misunderstanding and every accusation, true and false.

Let us rediscover in ourselves and in each other
the deep love we had both almost forgotten
but never quite stopped missing.

And from now on, let us tell a far simpler and brighter story about ourselves,
a story that holds a light to our gold, that celebrates our goodness,
and dismisses our shames and darknesses with nonchalant, cheerful compassion.

Come, let us speak tenderly with one another.
Let us be the dear friends we were made to be.


Previous comments:
Anne Courtney: You are a beautiful writer, Michael – loved this Prayer.
Michael Prince: Love it Michael. I’m grateful for the recrossing of each other’s paths that’s happened over recent months.
Linda Berlach: I will take that time to hear myself breathing and will also seek the lasting peace. Beautiful image, Michael.
Kartini: Oh.Michael, so.beautiful ♡

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