Seeker Beware!

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Seeker BewareSeeker beware!

Beware the True Self.
Beware the Essential Nature.
Beware the question: “Who am I?”
Beware the Universal Consciousness.
Beware the Divinity within.
Beware the Divinity beyond.

Beware the prophet.
Beware the fool.
Beware the here and now.
Beware the there and then.
Beware the final truth.
Beware the certainty of knowing it.

Beware the vision of angels.
Beware the knowledge of mysteries.
Beware the promise of eternal life.
Beware the quest for enlightenment.
Beware the spiritual path.
Beware the victory.

Seeker beware!

Life and truth are far more nuanced than we imagine.
So search humbly, quick to enquire but slow to conclude.
Dance and skip with the exuberant wonder of a child.
PauseĀ and ponder with the measured discernment of a sage.
For there is but a fine line between salvation and the devil’s bargain.

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