Peaches and Cream

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I Like You - a song by Michael Done

For all the other shy boys I grew up with.
Yep, we all wanted to ask her to dance … but we just couldn’t!

“Shy boys dream courageous dreams, imagine themselves performing epic acts of romantic heroism.  But when golden moments of opportunity melt away under the scorching heat of awkwardness, they soothe their scorched pride with the wistful self-reassurance: ‘Well, I could have … if I’d really wanted to’.”  (MD)


Verse 1

Did I sweep her off her feet tonight?
Peaches and Cream!
Did I glide her round the dance-floor?
Or was it all a dream?
Were mine the arms that held her?
Did I really win her heart?
Ah, did I?
Boy, did I!

Verse 2

There was magic from the very start.
What can you say when she said
“Yeah … I’d love to dance!”
Aw, I tell ya, it took my breath away.
Am I her new-found Romeo?
Did I melt her with me charm?
Ah, did I?
Did I?

Bridge 1

Just look at the faces
On all of the other guys.
I played all me aces
And now I embraces me prize.
Cherry pies!
We just gaze into each other’s eyes.
Aaaaah …

The Dance

[me]   “You look ecstatic”
[she]   “I feel captivated”
[me]   “I must be the hundredth man to tell you
how lovely you look tonight!”

Bridge 2

I can tell she’s feeling shy,
Too frightened to let it show.
But it’s written in her eyes,
She doesn’t want me to go.
Apple snow!
This is love
And it’s so lovely to know.
Aaaaah …

Verse 3

Did I sweep her off her feet tonight?
Peaches and Cream!
Did I glide her round the dance-floor?
Or was it all a dream?
Was I the one she fell for?
Did I give her such a thrill?
Ah, did I?
Did I!


Well, I could have …
If I’d really wanted to.
And one of these nights
Maybe I will

This little track was squeezed in at the tail end of the session in which “I Like You” was recorded.  It’s a tribute to everyone that we got this one done at all.  It’s what’s known in the trade as a “one-take wonder”.
At 9.30pm, with only 30 strictly budgeted minutes to go, Jeff Carroll slapped the scores onto everybody’s music stands, grabbed his baton and swung into action.  “Sight-reading time!”  By 9:45 we were ‘rehearsed’.  We recorded the main track – vocals, guitar and orchestra – in one take.  Then Anthony Maydwell, flinging off his Producer hat, ran in from the control room and overdubbed his harp part in one take.  James Hewgill gave us an enthusiastic thumbs up from the other side of the double-glass window, and at 9:58pm “Peaches and Cream” was in the can! 
Thanks to Jeff for his sweet musical arrangement and great directing, James for his painstaking recording and red-hot efficiency, and Anthony for his oversight of the session plus his precision harp playing.  And, of course, a huge thanks to our session musos who pulled out the stops to get this one over the line.

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